What you need to know about our car repair services

Our foundation is commitment to quality service

Panel beating methods have changed substantially, to the point where we are no longer able to employ once acceptable methods of vehicle repairs. A variety of lightweight, high performance, raw materials including high strength steels used in today’s modern motor vehicle manufacture bears no resemblance to metals and plastics once used universally. Because of these changes it has become imperative that vehicles be reinstated according to manufacturer’s standards and specifications and that training is given in the latest methods to correctly and safely repair modern vehicles.

Modern times

Panel beaters in today’s world of modern technology no longer exist and have been replaced with well-trained collision repair technicians who need far superior skills to work on complex sophisticated new world vehicles. Without the necessary technology and state of the art equipment, successful repairs of most modern vehicles, raises many issues, not the least of these being safety.

Your rights

It is important to know that you, our valuable client understand your rights when it comes to choosing the repairer of your choice. With the new NSW State Government Anti Steering Legislation it is against the law for your insurance company to dictate where you have your car repaired. You can make Williams BodyWorks your first choice.

Had an accident that's not your fault?

If you have been involved in an accident and you were not at fault Williams BodyWorks can undertake on your behalf the complete car repair and reinstatement of your vehicle as well as organise a replacement vehicle to be used for the duration of such repairs at no cost to you. This service has numerous benefits which include:

  • Having your vehicle repaired to the manufacturer’s standard (not to an insurance company assessors standard)
  • Having the correct parts fitted to your vehicle, not inferior non-genuine, rebuilt or exchange items
  • Having your vehicle returned to you in its pre-accident condition without compromise
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